How to Create Screenshot

There are 3 ways to capture your screen:

a) With the help of the button in your address bar  

b) With the help of the context menu;

c) With the help of a hot key that you yourself assign in the program settings.

At the moment the addon allows capturing the whole Web page, the whole browser window, the part of the browser that you see on your screen or a selected section of the screen as well as creating your own model from scratch.

As soon as you have captured the image on your screen, you get redirected into the editor window. If you don’t want to edit anything, simply click “Done”.

Nimbus ScreenShot offers you the following tools:

Magnifying glass for zooming the screenshot in and out

Resize tool for setting the size of the screenshot

Crop tool for cutting the required fragment out of the screenshot

Circle tool for drawing circles

Rectangle tool for drawing squares and rectangles

Pencil tool for drawing custom shapes

Straight and curved line tools for drawing lines of different shapes

Straight and curved arrow tools for drawing arrows of different shapes

Text tool for adding custom text to the screenshot

Sticker tool for adding stickers with custom text to the screenshot

Color and size tools for resizing the objects on the screenshot and changing their color

Blur and Blur All tools for concealing required sections on the screenshot

Undo/Undo All and Redo tools for canceling or repeating previous operations or undoing all changes to the original screenshot (Undo All)
When you are done editing the screenshot, click “Done”.

Use the window that opens next to save the screenshot on your hard drive, send it to Google Drive or print it.

How do I send a screenshot in Nimbus ?

1) Create and edit your screenshot

2) On the page the screenshot was saved, add your comment in the Comment and Upload form or just press Send to Nimbus.

3) Enter your Nimbus account information or create a new account.

4) Select a folder to save the screenshot to. If you do not need a link to your screenshot, check 'Private'.

5) Press the Save button, after which the screenshot will be sent to Nimbus Note.

Is it possible for the title of the page from which the screenshot was made to be used in the file name when such a file is saved?

 Of course! In settings, there is item Filename Template:

 The following values can be included in the file name:

 {domain} - file name will contain the domain name.
 {url} - file name will contain page's full URL.
 {title} - page title will be used in the file name.
 {date} - file name will contain date on which the screenshot was made.
 {time} - file name will contain time when the screenshot was made.

 You can also combine values, for example:

 {domain} {time} - the screenshot name will contain the domain name and the time it was made.

Can I change the shape of the shadow around objects and its color?

You surely can. In editor, click  and select required parameters (size and color of shadow).

How to remove the numbers next to the figures?

 Open settings and uncheck "Display Numbers near objects"

I want to make instant screenshots, by clicking N, is that possible?

It sure is! Open settings and check "Enable quick capture (do not show popup)". Then select required action from the list.

How do I change text size?

To change text size, the same button is used as to change line size. Just press size changing button and select the required size.

How do I edit a local image from a computer?

Select menu item Blank Screen, then press Open and select the required image. You will be able to edit that image as a regular screenshot.